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The idea for the Sedona Energy bracelet was born out of our heartfelt wishes for healing and love, for strength and protection for all our Japanese friends, their friends and families. Many of us here in Sedona were deeply moved by the life-changing events that the people of Japan were going through when a huge earthquake hit Japan in March of 2011 resulting in the Tsunami and the devastation of Fukushima. “I actually don’t know what will happen. I just feel earth is dancing!!” – one of our friends in Tokyo wrote to us at the time. In this time of devastation and insecurity many of us felt the urge to help, to contribute, to share.

There are balancing and fortifying energies that are surrounding us every day. These energies are present here is Sedona, the town known as a place of spiritual power & balance, and in our store – through the world of Crystals and Gemstones, and in the handcrafted jewelry and power pendants. It is their innate powers that inspired us to create a bracelet that symbolizes and offers Hope – Strength – Healing – Protection. Each gemstone – a gift from our planet, grown over thousands of years in the womb of the earth – carries a special vibration that can be balancing, healing, and transforming for a human being. It is our personal understanding and experience that – if gemstones are combined in the right way – they can enhance each other and maximize strength, energy and the balancing profound effect for the human body/mind.

The SEDONA ENERGY BRACELET combines a variety of carefully selected 8mm gemstone and crystal beads that combine and enhance the following qualities:

  • Hope and love – the healing qualities of the heart in everybody
  • Strength to endure and integrate what is necessary
  • Powerful balance for body, mind, spirit and emotions
  • Protection of the entire system

Each gemstone bead first underwent a cleansing process. The next step was to activate their individual original qualities. The energy design process then was separated into creating a bracelet for women and one for men. Putting the different beads together so that they enhance each other has been the most careful step in the creation. After the production step – the beading process – each bracelet was cleansed again, let to rest for 24 hours, and then underwent the energizing process that took place on the Airport Mesa Healing Vortex. This energizing process further awakens the power of the stones working together and transmits the intention of what it should do for each person. It also allows the gemstones to resonate with the energies of the vortex field.

Each gemstone finally becomes active when it is in direct contact with its owner, and works even more powerfully when given an intention.  A gemstone works because of its nature to send out a resonant impulse or wavelength and the fact that each human system is able respond to such an impulse. This is certainly true for the SEDONA ENERGY BRACELET. As soon as it comes in contact with the skin around the wrist – a highly sensitive area of the body, where the heartbeat is felt, where many acupuncture meridians run through, where blood flows directly under the skin – the resonant impulses, and the message, the intention of each bead and their combination reaches into human system.

The bracelet carries a profound intention, but also has a visual beauty & vibration, and may even act as a reminder. It shall remind us of our inseparableness with our beautiful planet, our connection with each other, and the power of love and hope shared with each other as human beings.

We – Ajija and Chanda from BODY BLISS Factory Direct in Sedona, Arizona – sincerely hope and wish that each bracelet may offer a little bit of  Hope – Strength – Healing – Protection for our Japanese Friends – it is made with this intention. And may it work for highest good in everybody else who chooses to wear it.

Thank you.

Sedona Energy Bracelet