Energy Empowered Jewelry

Sedona Energy Bracelet

Sedona Energy Bracelet Men


Healing – Protection – Strength

S 19.2 cm = 7 ½ in.
M 20.0 cm = 7 ¾ in.
L 20.8 cm = 8 ¼ in.
XL 21.6 cm = 8 ½ in.

Each bracelet is truly one-of-a-kind and the image shown is an example. Please be aware that the item you will receive may look different than the image.

This post is also available in: ja日本語 (Japanese)

Made from natural energized 8mm Gemstone Beads of Black Tourmaline, Clear Quartz, Malachite, Purple Kunzite, Sodalite, Hematite, and a silver-electroplated Copper Bead.