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Meet the Creators and Continuing Explorers

Energy Empowered Jewelry was created by Chanda U. Schmidt and Ajija U. Schaefer as part of their retail store BODY BLISS Factory Direct in Sedona, AZ. Chanda was born and raised in Germany. She grew up surrounded by crystals and gemstones, her father was a collector of art and gems and also restored antiques. The path to a greater well-being and meditation started an early exploration in Chanda’s life which eventually led her to Sedona in 1998. It was there – more than 5700 miles away from her home country – where she met her partner.

Ajija grew up in a famous German wine growing area and developed an early passion for good food, wine and mystery novels. But the silent inner world is her true home. Ajija travelled the world extensively until discovering residence in Sedona. Together the couple developed Energy Empowered Gemstone Jewelry for the sole purpose to connect people with the power and beauty of the gem world.

After 17 years of growing their retail business they were lead to sell the store and focus on Energy Empowered Jewelry – true one-of-a-kind crystal and gem creations. Ajija creates the joyful and intentional Power Bracelets while Chanda focuses on personal Energy Pendants and Crystal Mobiles. The retail business BODY BLISS Factory Direct remains the outlet store for the majority of their creations.

The creators of the one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces are Chanda U. Schmidt (left) and Ajija U. Schaefer (right) who share their love for the gem world now through this website.

Chanda and Ajija

What Does Energy Empowered Mean?

Every gemstone bead and every crystal that will be used for Energy Empowered Jewelry first goes through a cleansing process which includes water, sunlight and rest. After an item is handcrafted, it will go to through an energizing process on the Sedona Airport Mesa Vortex (34.8564° N, 111.7800° W) which involves meditation, energy work, and a ritual. The whole process can be described as energy empowerment – Energy Empowered Jewelry.

Trustworthy Sourcing

Over the past 15 years Energy Empowered Jewelry has developed personal relationships with selected gemstone dealers and miners from all over the world who were carefully chosen to obtain the crystal and gemstone material from. Today these are close partnerships that have proven to be trustworthy, ethical and of consistent quality to meet the business, quality and energy standards of Energy Empowered Jewelry.

Come Visit Us

BODY BLISS Factory Direct – home of Energy Empowered Jewelry – is a retail hot-spot in Uptown Sedona in the midst of the most beautiful Red Rock Area of Arizona, just two hours north of Phoenix. The store brings “Sedona’s Energy Into Your Life” and sells a high-end locally made SPA line by BODY BLISS Intentional Aromatherapy. It also features a Walk-In Spa, Intuitive Readings, loose gemstones, crystals, and unique jewelry made by third party artisans. With Energy Empowered Jewelry it features the largest selection of handmade crystal and gemstone jewelry items found in Sedona, AZ.